When you launch Photonium Access, it will appear in your menu bar. Click the Photonium Access icon in the menubar to show and hide the popover view

Navigating the Window

The slider at the bottom left corner is used to change the thumbnail size.

The popup menu is used to select the album.

The “Gear” button is used to display the Options menu. (See below.)

Videos can be played directly inside the Photonium Access window by clicking on the play button.

Drag and Drop

To use files in Photonium Access, simply click to select them. Then drag and drop them into the target application.

Photonium Access will work with any application that accepts files via drag and drop.

Options Menu

You can activate the Options menu either of these ways:

1) Click the “gear” button in the Photonium Access window

2) Right-click the Photonium Access icon

This menu allows you to:

Launch at Startup sets the preference to automatically launch Photonium Access when you log into your Mac

Submit feedback or bug report to Minder Softworks. The first time you select this, you will be asked to grant Photonium Access permissions to access your Address Book. This is only to autofill your contact information. Granting access is optional.

Photonium Access help opens this window


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